Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So after much slacking I finally got back on the treadmill this morning. I'm going to ease myself in this week by walking at a fast pace with an incline of at least four. So I guess it was a blessing that the tv woke me up at like 5 am. I cleaned the dishes and got on the treadmill. I do know that I will be taking a morning nap with my little Alexander.

Tomorrow I am finally going to go to the store (Yay payday!) I'm going to get more fish and chicken and fruits and veggies and less red meat and bad food. I'm going to give the old quinoa a try. So I'm off for ideas of how to prepare it and brown rice so David doesn't get bored.

Six months until Lex turns 1. While that is a lot of isn't. However, I'm not going to lose sight of my goal. I don't care if the race is over. I WILL FINISH! I also expect to sleep the entire next day.

Onwards and upwards!