Monday, July 5, 2010

Day one...again.

So I have started my day one of South Beach. I have everything ready to go. I'm looking forward to eating healthy.

The thing I love about this diet is it forces me to cook. I have a LOT of really really nice kitchen stuff. My Father in Law even commented on how I have a lot nicer stuff then most people who have been married for 15 years. Thanks in part to getting married and having very generous parents.

I love cooking because my husband likes the way I cook and always makes me feel really good about it. He blames me for fattening him up! Ha! It's really nice to have him smile and say "It's nice to have a home cooked meal." It just makes me feel like a better wife. My Mother was right. The quickest way to a mans heart...Hey I never cooked for any other guys I dated. So I guess you could say "He liked it so much he put a ring on it."

So I'm going back to the gym today. I still have a goal. Just because I didn't get cast in "Chicago" doesn't mean I'm going to role over and die. Oh No! Just the opposite. I'm going to get healthy because I don't want to be a poor role model for Lex. Also my 30th birthday is coming up and I want to do a pin up photoshoot for it. So I would like to lose 10 lbs a month. So I would be down 30lbs. Not as thin as I would like to be but then again the girls on the nose of the plan weren't stick figures! Okay so I'm going back to my coffee with splenda and milk (I usually drink it with vanilla creamer) and my vegetable quiche.


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  1. I am proud of you for deciding not to give up! Keep kicking ass, Meggie!