Monday, October 12, 2009


So I've been so bad eating so much junk food. I can't seem to kick this fat girl eating habits. It's so darn frustrating! I want so badly to be thin again, yet I keep self sabotaging (sp? Is that even a word?) myself. It's my's what I do.

It doesn't do any good to beat myself up. It's going to take sometime but I can do it!!! I realize that I did just have a baby and I am not rich nor famous so I can't have a personal trainer helping me melt off the weight. It's just me. Plus it took like six years to balloon up to this weight.

More motivation though. I found pictures of me when I was thin. Dang I was a hottie yo! Holla! I'm going to put those pictures of myself on my treadmill to keep me going.

Time for this chubby girl to get some sleep. Not getting proper sleep also contributes to the porkiness. Nite nite.

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