Monday, March 15, 2010

Well it's a start

So I joined a gym. AND I've actually been going. I've done Zumba but mainly I've been focusing on the lifting weight portion. I had no idea that you burn more fat and calories when you do 30 mins of cardio and then 30 mins of lifting.

I find myself wanting to work out longer. For instance on Sunday I went to the gym and we were meeting my parents to go to the movies. It was 3:30 and they would be there around 4. I was bummed I had to stop. I felt so good!

At first I wasn't sure how I would feel about joining this particular gym because the front it is all windows. As a matter of fact one of the weight is right next a window and people at the stoplight just stare right in. Aside from that I love it! Plus it's one of the less expensive gyms around!

Tomorrow I am going to try and motivate myself to get up before David goes to work. We'll see! As always...

Onwards and upwards.

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