Friday, June 1, 2012

Take 3

Back to the beginning...again. I started a new workout this afternoon. I did the Brazilian Butt Lift and oh man is it not for those of us who aren't in shape. I like it and I will keep using it. But I'm doing some modifications until I can get it down. We have a pool at our new apartment complex so once it warms up I'm gonna start to use it. I was just thinking about how I would love to own my own gym. I would gear it towards women since the whole "Curves" gym is a complete waste of money. I don't see how you can get results. Their equipment doesn't have any real resistance. That's probably why it's so cheap. I would love to have a gym with equipment that really works you out and offer all sorts of classes that women would like to take. Like Zumba, Belly dancing, Pilate's, yoga, even some ballet classes that concentrate on the stretching and barre work. I would keep it really clean and it would just be nice not to have to hear the men making those groaning noises when they lift weights. The personal trainers would be female too. It's just a dream, but I know I wish there was a gym like that near me. With a pool!

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